"Gabriel Communications has exactly the right approach to improve anyone's ability to communicate better...more memorably, more genuinely and more persuasively. They truly understand that the actual words that we utter are only a small portion of our total communication. While the words are important and must be the right words, it is how we use our voice, facial expressions, and the rest of our body that creates real presence and stature when we speak. Gabriel has perfected a process that works and makes it fun as you become a more effective communicator. I've seen many of my clients 'blossom' as a result of their work with Trish and Lynn."

---Michael D. Jeans

President, New Directions, Inc.






"Trish and Lynn are adept at quickly assessing your strengths and identifying areas of improvement to maximize your ability to effectively communicate; which is one of the most critical skills in business today. I find myself drawing from their guidance not only for business presentations, but in all areas of communication as well.  Without question, this is certainly time well spent with two professionals who are tops in their field."

---James Bussiere, 

Superintendent of Sales and Client Services

and Senior Vice President, Amica Insurance

“Gabriel Communications offers its clients the rare, exceptional combination of customized training, based on tried and true techniques. As a team, they have the ability to convince the most unconvinced that communications practice is key to the success of the individual and the greater organization.  They work with professionalism, empathy and humor to move employees and teams to a new level.”

---Margaret Clough

VP & Director, Corporate Communications,

Loomis, Sayles & Company




“Just wanted to thank you both again for another successful workshop! The students really enjoyed the sessions and specifically talked about how you are able to take a really difficult topic and make it more manageable and even fun. As someone who has sat in since day one, I am always impressed with your ability to connect with every single person, every single time.  Thank you!”

---Jennifer J. Frost

Education & Training Coordinator,

Project Hope




“...the best presentation I have ever attended! Valuable content, interesting delivery, engaging, and all-around thoroughly enjoyable to attend.”

---From a participant at a Gabriel

Communications presentation at BSAS


“Thank you for creating and running such an engaging workshop at Abacus last week. The material and presentation was world class. (I now know the two cannot be separated.)


I have already begun pulling the video camera out during investment team meetings so that the team can work on our breath, body, face, voice, and text delivery. Listening and communicating is what we do and the two of you have really energized the Abacus team to become more proficient. Thanks again for all the material, feedback and motivation.”

---Charles Flowers

Investment Team Member, Abacus



“The facilitators were excellent, knowledgeable and fun.  I learned things I didn’t even know I needed to learn, and figured out ways to apply them beyond what we all think of as presentations.  In terms of professional development, this is one of the most important things I’ve ever attended.”

---Seminar Participant

NAPFA Annual Conference



“I like the way you structured your program around things that were important to our situations.  The workshop made me much more aware of how ‘lazy’ I have become in day-to-day communications; now I’m much more aware.”

---Workshop Participant,

Modern Health Care Annual Meeting