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amplifying presence, performance and connection for people and teams

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Consulting and Coaching for Powerful Connections

At Gabriel Communications, we invest in – and are passionate about – people’s growth and development. Presence, performance and powerful connections are at the heart of what we do.

Through our dynamic consulting, coaching and culture-building practices, Gabriel Communications unlocks potential for individuals and teams, increases organizational effectiveness, and strengthens connection. Whether your organization is recalibrating post-pandemic expectations, keeping pace with technological innovations, or reclaiming a sense of team and purpose, Gabriel Communications can create an integrated and unique learning experience to build capacity and cohesiveness.

We work with individuals and teams to align goals and culture, to boost skills and morale, and to strengthen connections inside and outside of your organization.

We solve problems.

We work with your team to clarify future direction and to align people around purpose. Together we explore strengths and challenges, uncover opportunities, and identity priorities.

We equip and empower people.

We customize programs for energizing and developing people and teams to meet the challenges of change and drive success. We train people to communicate with clarity and presence.  

We create connection.


We collaborate with organizations to create community and help develop a shared sense of purpose and connection. We build on collective strengths and address challenges at their roots. 


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Client Experience

"Trish and Lynn are adept at quickly assessing your strengths and identifying areas of improvement to maximize your ability to effectively communicate; which is one of the most critical skills in business today. I find myself drawing from their guidance not only for business presentations, but in all areas of communication as well.  Without question, this is certainly time well spent with two professionals who are tops in their field."

James Bussiere, 

Former Superintendent of Sales and Client Services and Senior Vice President, Amica Insurance

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