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Lynn Torgove

Lynn Torgove, Co-Founder, has been working and training others for over twenty years, both as presenter and consultant, and in the performing arts, as a stage director, actor and classical singer. Using techniques grounded in the arts, Lynn coaches individuals and groups on how to become more compelling, concise and powerful communicators. Her expertise in vocal production, physical messaging, and text development, as well as relationship management, allows her to enhance interpersonal and team dynamics within diverse workplaces and industries.


Trish Weinmann

Patricia-Maria Weinmann, Co-Founder, has an extensive background in performing, public speaking and training for public presentations. A respected teacher and successful stage director, Trish has successfully educated people to recognize and develop their own styles and talents. Moreover, she has developed innovative and effective strategies for people of diverse professional backgrounds to improve and enhance their public speaking and presentations skills. For over 20 years, Trish served as the associate coordinator of the Technology and Culture Forum at MIT.


Syd Petty

Sydney Petty partners with Gabriel Communications to build high-performance, growth-minded cultures for clients. Syd has more than twenty-five years of experience in strategic assessment and planning; organizational development; and marketing and communications. She coaches and consults with organizations to design and implement plans and processes that turn innovative ideas into action and results. Throughout engagements, Syd equips individuals and teams with dynamic skills and tools to succeed in an ever evolving and increasingly complex marketplace.

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